Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walk on Over Here

Can I just say I am so excited. Emily can walk!!!! Yes. She can stand up alone and put one foot in front of the other without falling over. She seems so small to be able to accomplish such a task, but she did it!

When I had dried her off and dresssed her after her bath I stood her up and she tried to walk to Justin. He was too far for her so she didn't quite make it-but the effort she put into it was amazing. I made Justin come get on the floor with me and have her walk back and forth between us. (this is how we got Brenna to start walking-she was 11 1/2 mo and after that night she started to walk everywhere).
It makes me think how she will be my last baby. Wow! That is sad and in a way it is relieving. No more pregnancies. I adore my children, but with each pregnancy there were more and more complications. So, yes, I had a tubal done right after they removed Emily from inside of me (i had a c-section-with all 3 births actually).
I am trying to appreciate every day now. Live in every second. Enjoy my kids while they are still little.

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