Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sickness Becomes Us

I took these Saturday morning. While I was getting ready for work. Trent and Emily were up at 3 am with high fevers. I gave them both tylenol and then had to put them in a bath because there temp was not going down. The bath worked good. Thank goodness. And they both went back to sleep right after.
You can see the sickness on poor little Emily's face. She felt so horrible. I had to two appointments that day and i didn't know the number of the people to cancel. So I was able to get my sister to take Emily to the doctor. Trent didn't go because he was acting fine (just had a little fever). They could not find anything. But gave her an antibiotic just in case she was getting strep or an ear infection.
Well, today they are both much better. And luckily Brenna was not affected.

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