Thursday, May 7, 2009

late night with baby

Emily took the longest of all three of my beautiful offspring to sleep through the night. I believe it is because she was breastfed the longest. But who knows.

Anyways, lastnight she went to bed an hour or so early. Even though I knew i the back of my overly thoughtful head that she would be waking up before I went to sleep.


This little darling was up before Justin went to bed (which was around 11pm). She immediately went to him too. It was so precious. She looked at him like she hadn't seen him in days and was so thrilled at the sight of her wonderful daddy that she just had to have him right then.

I tried several times to put her back to bed with utter failure. I finally caved and decided I would just let her stay wide open until she started to drift. And luckily that worked.

It is so funny though. Because everytime I walked into her room she knew what was up. She knew I was going to try to make her sleep and that was just out of the question. Not going to happen unless it was on her terms.

Well done little Emily. You won this one.

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