Tuesday, May 12, 2009

vanishing diaper

Well this morning when I went in to get Emily out of her crib She was standing there fussing at me. I picked her up and to my astonishment felt her cute little butt-skin on skin. I looked at her and then looked in the crib. Her diaper just laying there open. and then a big wet pee spot on her sheet.

This just made me laugh inside.

A few weeks ago when I went in to get her after her nap I found a much worse outcome. A sweet little baby girl covered in her own poop. So gross and so funny, because she was just smiling at me. It was everywhere.

She was very carefully picked up and rushed to the tub. That was the fastest (bc I had to go get Brenna from school right then) and the most thorough bath i have ever administered.

I should start bringing the camera in with me to document the crazy things I find her getting into.

what can i get into now?

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