Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The First Born

Self-assured. Confident. Eager learner. Social. Empathetic. Interacts well with both children and adults. Creative.

These are some of the words my 4 year old's pre-k teacher used to describe Brenna in her progress report. Words that would make any mother proud.

These are things I have wanted Brenna to express, and characteristics I have encouraged. I know that she is an amazing child and person. And I am so happy that she shows that to others.

I am always aware of how certain things will affect my children. But it is scarey sometimes because you can not be there 24/7, especially when they get into school. This reassures me that Justin and I are doing our job to prepare her for life.

I know she is only 4 and has a lot more ahead of her, but I think these years are the most critical. I want them to be proud of who they are. And love themselves.

I hope we can keep Brenna (and of course Trent and Emily too) on the right paths. To becoming beautiful inside (they will definitely be beautiful outside) and independent and self-loving.

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