Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Schooling

Ok, I must admit I never really understood the whole homeschooling thing. But a few years ago I thought about it a little more. It has since always been int he back of my head. Usually along this scenario:

We sell all of our belongings. We move far away and live off the land. We make our owns clothes, and so on... and of course we would home school.

But just recently has the thought of homeschooling our children come to the front of my mind. And I have been researching and talking to other moms that home school their children. Now I can't seem to push the thought to the back anymore.

I have no idea whether or not this would be the right thing for our family. But I want to atleast try it out. I have been talking to Brenna about it, and she is on board, which surprises me because she loves going to school.

I would feel bad to start this next school year though. That is when Trent starts pre-k, and he has been waiting on that day forever. He wants to go to school so bad. And I would definitely want his big sister there with him. So maybe in another year or two I will get to take our family on the homeschooling journey. I can't wait!

Plus, I don't know how I would juggle running a business, being a full-time nursing student, and homeschooling, along with everything else I must take care of in our life. So...we will see. Maybe we will do a little practice run this summer just for fun :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

5 People 12 Times : February

This technically was taken the beginning of March. It was taken in out backyard using the self-timer.

Week 11/52

I took the kids out for a little photoshoot while my sister was visiting. She said she wanted to see how the kids responded. And like usual they acted as though the camera was a natural part of my arm, and if asked to do something they would. I just love this image of Brenna and Emily. (You wouldn't even know that Brenna was whiny and hated it bc she said the grass was too itchy-haha). A perfect sisterly moment.

Week 10/52

Wow! I am trying to get these caught up. This is an image of Brenna and Trent playing on the gate in our backyard. Brenna was sick.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Know I'm Behind....

I know I am behind on my Project 52. I know I have images to share for the past couple of weeks, I will work on getting those up.

I have just been super busy with school, the business, life, kids, stress, trying not to become depressed, blah, blah, blah!

I always say that we make our own happiness. We make our dreams come true. Nothing comes of moping around.
Recently money has been more than tight, it's been pretty much non-existent. We need money to live, to pay our rent, to put gas in our vehicles, to eat. I mean how can you do anything without a little money? You can't.

Justin's job ran out of work for him, that's one of the downfalls of construction. So here we sat with no money coming in. And we just recently ran out completely. He luckily got a part-time job locally that is willing to work around my school schedule. But unfortunately it will not pay our bills.

So the stress begins!!!

Yes! We still have the photography business--that we just started. We haven't even passed out our business cards-because our website is not finished yet. We are still making money from it, otherwise we would have been living with one of our mothers by now. ha. But it still isn't enough. And running a business costs money!!

I am looking for houses or offices to clean to supplement our income. While I am in school there isn't much I can do as far as working goes. So that seemed like a good option--If I could just find some places to clean!
I find out next week whether or not I made it into the LPN program. Oh! The torture of having to wait for this. I am so nervous because our entire future is banking on this. On me finishing school in a couple of years as an RN, and then Justin will be a stay-at-home dad and I will be the bread-winner. We will both continue with our photography business. But we want to have job security. And maybe one day our business will be so successful that it will be our main source of income.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

When Emily is quiet you better be scared!

Yes! This is a true statement. If she is not within sight and you can not hear her--then you best go running to find out why.

As if she had not caused enough damage today with her makeover, she decided to put on my mascara again tonight and play in the water (her new obsession). I assumed she was playing in her room (I definitely should have known better). But she came walking in here to me dragging a wet towel. And I looked at her face--she had mascara covering her forehead.
And handed me my makeup remover.

I jumped up and dragged her to go clean it off. And then I heard the running water. The same sound I heard a few days ago. She had left the sink on and there was water all over the bathroom floor. (Yes! She did this earlier in the week)

I put her in her room and stressed that she better not come out. I grabbed several towels and threw them on the floor. Turned off the water. and then went to clean off the mascara. She was quiet and didn't make a fuss. She knew I was upset.

I told her that she would lay down and better not get up. She hasn't so far.

She is clearly the adventurous one. And I love her to death. She is certainly testing my patience. And it's not like she does these things out of meanness. She is just curious.

Week 9/52

Wow!! Never a dull moment when you have little ones!
My oldest came into the living room today and told us that Emily was in the bathroom cutting her hair and putting on my makeup. We all ran in there to see the mess. It was so worse that I had expected.

At first glance i thought to myself, "Ok. This is fine. I can handle whatever she has done."
But then Brenna holds out a huge chunk of hair. And I go into panic mode. Of course I hold most of it inside. And then I saw it. A HUGE chunk out of her head. And a bald spot to top it all off.

I felt soo helpless. What in the world would I do with this?

I ran out of the bathroom about to cry and immediately called Anna (my hairdresser).
Luckily she was there at the salon (she never works on Saturdays).

I got dressed and cleaned all the mascara off Emily's face adn we rushed to the salon. We ended up leaving it. There wasn't much to do with a baldspot. So now we must wait it out. And try to cover it with hair accessories.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 8/52

Sorry. I have been pretty busy lately and didn't get around to getting my blogpost up for last week. So here it is now. :)

Justin loves to grill. I guess it's a guy thing.
He had Trent help him last week and of course Trent loved it.
I on the other hand was not so sure about the whole fire thing.
But everything turned out ok. And safety measures were taken.