Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Schooling

Ok, I must admit I never really understood the whole homeschooling thing. But a few years ago I thought about it a little more. It has since always been int he back of my head. Usually along this scenario:

We sell all of our belongings. We move far away and live off the land. We make our owns clothes, and so on... and of course we would home school.

But just recently has the thought of homeschooling our children come to the front of my mind. And I have been researching and talking to other moms that home school their children. Now I can't seem to push the thought to the back anymore.

I have no idea whether or not this would be the right thing for our family. But I want to atleast try it out. I have been talking to Brenna about it, and she is on board, which surprises me because she loves going to school.

I would feel bad to start this next school year though. That is when Trent starts pre-k, and he has been waiting on that day forever. He wants to go to school so bad. And I would definitely want his big sister there with him. So maybe in another year or two I will get to take our family on the homeschooling journey. I can't wait!

Plus, I don't know how I would juggle running a business, being a full-time nursing student, and homeschooling, along with everything else I must take care of in our life. So...we will see. Maybe we will do a little practice run this summer just for fun :)

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