Saturday, March 5, 2011

When Emily is quiet you better be scared!

Yes! This is a true statement. If she is not within sight and you can not hear her--then you best go running to find out why.

As if she had not caused enough damage today with her makeover, she decided to put on my mascara again tonight and play in the water (her new obsession). I assumed she was playing in her room (I definitely should have known better). But she came walking in here to me dragging a wet towel. And I looked at her face--she had mascara covering her forehead.
And handed me my makeup remover.

I jumped up and dragged her to go clean it off. And then I heard the running water. The same sound I heard a few days ago. She had left the sink on and there was water all over the bathroom floor. (Yes! She did this earlier in the week)

I put her in her room and stressed that she better not come out. I grabbed several towels and threw them on the floor. Turned off the water. and then went to clean off the mascara. She was quiet and didn't make a fuss. She knew I was upset.

I told her that she would lay down and better not get up. She hasn't so far.

She is clearly the adventurous one. And I love her to death. She is certainly testing my patience. And it's not like she does these things out of meanness. She is just curious.

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