Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Know I'm Behind....

I know I am behind on my Project 52. I know I have images to share for the past couple of weeks, I will work on getting those up.

I have just been super busy with school, the business, life, kids, stress, trying not to become depressed, blah, blah, blah!

I always say that we make our own happiness. We make our dreams come true. Nothing comes of moping around.
Recently money has been more than tight, it's been pretty much non-existent. We need money to live, to pay our rent, to put gas in our vehicles, to eat. I mean how can you do anything without a little money? You can't.

Justin's job ran out of work for him, that's one of the downfalls of construction. So here we sat with no money coming in. And we just recently ran out completely. He luckily got a part-time job locally that is willing to work around my school schedule. But unfortunately it will not pay our bills.

So the stress begins!!!

Yes! We still have the photography business--that we just started. We haven't even passed out our business cards-because our website is not finished yet. We are still making money from it, otherwise we would have been living with one of our mothers by now. ha. But it still isn't enough. And running a business costs money!!

I am looking for houses or offices to clean to supplement our income. While I am in school there isn't much I can do as far as working goes. So that seemed like a good option--If I could just find some places to clean!
I find out next week whether or not I made it into the LPN program. Oh! The torture of having to wait for this. I am so nervous because our entire future is banking on this. On me finishing school in a couple of years as an RN, and then Justin will be a stay-at-home dad and I will be the bread-winner. We will both continue with our photography business. But we want to have job security. And maybe one day our business will be so successful that it will be our main source of income.

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