Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm 27!!!

I will post birthday pics soon. They are on my computer (which is in GA-and is no longer connected to the internet).
We are moving to Florida. Atleast until I finish school. We have been driving back adn forth on the weekends for the past few weeks. Since I am watching Ashleys kids I have to be here during the week when she works.

Brenna will be 6 Monday. Not sure what we are going to do for her birthday as of yet. I wanted to take her to Disney for her party/present. But it might be too hot and too expensive. I will have to see.

Looking for schools here is not easy. The school I want we will have to live in a certian area for Brenna to attend. So we are working on that. We are getting Trent's speech tested in Sept. If he qualifies then he can go to a 3 yr old pre-k at another school, then Brenna will go there. I don't know. We will figure it out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking it Slow Doesn't Exist in our Vocabulary

Yeah. Everytime I say we are going to take is slow and be "smart" about moving this time. And everytime it feels things get rushed. In our defense this time it was kinda out of our hands the way things have moved.

My sister and brother-in-law offered to pay me to watch there two children when Ashley (my sister) works. She is a nurse and only works three days a week. She wanted somewhere that charged a daily rate, bc she didn't want to pay for when they were not being cared for by the daycare. Then my name got brought up, and well yeah.

Of course Justin was all for it, because well rent is alot more here and he isn't making as much as he made before he got laid off. So the money I will make from babysitting will supplement.

Now we stand in a sort of limbo. Staying here in my sister's small apartment during the weekdays and then driving back to GA for the weekends. Back and forth. Still paying all of our same bills up there while we need to be saving to get a place of our own.

When Ashley has off we have been driving around checking out some of the schools. We both have a favorite. And it is teh same school-luckily. But unluckily we have to live in a certain area, which we do not-and we will not have time to get there by the time school starts, So I have my second choice ready.

I got registered for the fall at my school I have been attending. And that makes me feel great! I will be transferring to the same school my sister attended in the spring. And hopefully I will get accepted into the nursing program, so I can start in the fall of next year.

I guess it all works out pretty well, I have my part time job that doesn't take me away from my children. And still gives me a lot of "free time". And I can still drop off and pick up my children at school. ANd I will be doing the same for Ashley.
It seems to all be working out. It just scares me that we are jumping into something. Although our life was needing a big change. ANd so far even though I feel a little scared at times, it all feels great.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fiji Water

is growing on me. The first sip I was quite disappointed. Not like it wasn't good, just I was expecting it to be amazing. haha. But the more I drink the more I like. Not to mention the bottles are too cool.

I have also been reading on their sites. And I must say I am very impressed. Water untouched my man and the air. And reducing their carbon footprint. There is so much more..go to for more info and for links to even more info. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm in Florida

We came with Justin this week. This was his first week, we weren't doing anything, and I'd get to see my family here. I think it was really good for Justin that we came. We might even stay next week too.

Justin's mom is watching our kitten, so that is good. I do miss our little Lola. We left the house in total disarray. A disaster. It was last minute that I decided to come with Justin. So there wasn't time to clean, and we were rushing like crazy.

We went and got a few things from Publix yesterday. It was so nice to be in a nice grocery store that had so much more to offer (lots of organic, etc). That may sound strnage to some, but in Moultrie there isn't a publix. When we lived in Orland, that is where we grocery shopped. I missed it. haha. The things that make us smile when our priorities change. ha.

Ashley wants to go to the beach Saturday. I am not sure yet. I did bring the kids' swimsuits, but not mine or Justin's. So we will have to see.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I made a little bit of money at my yard sale this morning. And it was cool most of the time I was out there, so that was nice. We needed this bad!!! Justin leaves Tuesday for Fl to work. SO there we need to get a new tire on the car, maybe an oil change, and it is time to renew the tag. Money, money, money makes the world go round. Unfortunately, the world continues even when you have nothing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilting Anyone?

I love quilts. They are pretty, fun, creative, colorful, and so comfortable. Brenna and Emily both have quilts for their bedding. Now, poor little Trent still hasn't gotten any bedding. He does have sheets and his Disney Cars pillowcase and comforter (that fits a toddler bed).

Along with curtains, I want to sew Trent a quilt for his bed. We have had a hard time finding bedding we really like (that doesn't cost a fortune). That is the main reason I want to sew the kids' curtains for their rooms. I have yet to find anything I really like, and they are soo expensive. We spent $25 per panel for our living room curtains. Even though we had the money at the time, it was almost torture to hand over that money. Call me cheap, I don't care.

I constantly find things that I like, but I always think I could make that myself. But then where is the time for it? That is why my children do not have curtains to dress their windows. But one day I swear they will (haha).

I think I should first make Trent a quilt, so his room looks a little more put together. And he should have bedding that fits his bed (yes, the sheets do fit). Here are a few fabric combos I am liking (I am just wanting to so do a striped quilt). I know I could have found more and more bc I am not really positive what i am looking for as of yet. (All fabric was found on etsy.)

Did you read that right?

Well, today I called my school and changed my major. It as a little scary, but felt good. I felt like it was right. But I still can not help but wonder if it is indeed the right decision. It all seems like this is the best choice to make for us, but only time will tell.

I changed my major to.....Nursing. Yes. I will be an RN. My sister recently graduated and is now an RN. I never thought I could do this job, but I am hoping I can. She seems to think I can, and she knows me better than anyone.

I figured I will finish in the same amount of time it will take me to finish my other degree (that I have already given a year), plus I should have an easier to finding a job. Let's face it, the teaching field is getting a little scary. And I will make more money. These all seem like very valid and great points.

In the end, Justin and I still want to have a successful photography business. But of course we all start somewhere, and this will also be a backup. We will continue to work on making our dream a reality, even though now it might take a little longer (but that is bc of possible moving adventures in the near and distant future). More on that later.