Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm in Florida

We came with Justin this week. This was his first week, we weren't doing anything, and I'd get to see my family here. I think it was really good for Justin that we came. We might even stay next week too.

Justin's mom is watching our kitten, so that is good. I do miss our little Lola. We left the house in total disarray. A disaster. It was last minute that I decided to come with Justin. So there wasn't time to clean, and we were rushing like crazy.

We went and got a few things from Publix yesterday. It was so nice to be in a nice grocery store that had so much more to offer (lots of organic, etc). That may sound strnage to some, but in Moultrie there isn't a publix. When we lived in Orland, that is where we grocery shopped. I missed it. haha. The things that make us smile when our priorities change. ha.

Ashley wants to go to the beach Saturday. I am not sure yet. I did bring the kids' swimsuits, but not mine or Justin's. So we will have to see.

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