Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking it Slow Doesn't Exist in our Vocabulary

Yeah. Everytime I say we are going to take is slow and be "smart" about moving this time. And everytime it feels things get rushed. In our defense this time it was kinda out of our hands the way things have moved.

My sister and brother-in-law offered to pay me to watch there two children when Ashley (my sister) works. She is a nurse and only works three days a week. She wanted somewhere that charged a daily rate, bc she didn't want to pay for when they were not being cared for by the daycare. Then my name got brought up, and well yeah.

Of course Justin was all for it, because well rent is alot more here and he isn't making as much as he made before he got laid off. So the money I will make from babysitting will supplement.

Now we stand in a sort of limbo. Staying here in my sister's small apartment during the weekdays and then driving back to GA for the weekends. Back and forth. Still paying all of our same bills up there while we need to be saving to get a place of our own.

When Ashley has off we have been driving around checking out some of the schools. We both have a favorite. And it is teh same school-luckily. But unluckily we have to live in a certain area, which we do not-and we will not have time to get there by the time school starts, So I have my second choice ready.

I got registered for the fall at my school I have been attending. And that makes me feel great! I will be transferring to the same school my sister attended in the spring. And hopefully I will get accepted into the nursing program, so I can start in the fall of next year.

I guess it all works out pretty well, I have my part time job that doesn't take me away from my children. And still gives me a lot of "free time". And I can still drop off and pick up my children at school. ANd I will be doing the same for Ashley.
It seems to all be working out. It just scares me that we are jumping into something. Although our life was needing a big change. ANd so far even though I feel a little scared at times, it all feels great.

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