Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did you read that right?

Well, today I called my school and changed my major. It as a little scary, but felt good. I felt like it was right. But I still can not help but wonder if it is indeed the right decision. It all seems like this is the best choice to make for us, but only time will tell.

I changed my major to.....Nursing. Yes. I will be an RN. My sister recently graduated and is now an RN. I never thought I could do this job, but I am hoping I can. She seems to think I can, and she knows me better than anyone.

I figured I will finish in the same amount of time it will take me to finish my other degree (that I have already given a year), plus I should have an easier to finding a job. Let's face it, the teaching field is getting a little scary. And I will make more money. These all seem like very valid and great points.

In the end, Justin and I still want to have a successful photography business. But of course we all start somewhere, and this will also be a backup. We will continue to work on making our dream a reality, even though now it might take a little longer (but that is bc of possible moving adventures in the near and distant future). More on that later.

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