Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilting Anyone?

I love quilts. They are pretty, fun, creative, colorful, and so comfortable. Brenna and Emily both have quilts for their bedding. Now, poor little Trent still hasn't gotten any bedding. He does have sheets and his Disney Cars pillowcase and comforter (that fits a toddler bed).

Along with curtains, I want to sew Trent a quilt for his bed. We have had a hard time finding bedding we really like (that doesn't cost a fortune). That is the main reason I want to sew the kids' curtains for their rooms. I have yet to find anything I really like, and they are soo expensive. We spent $25 per panel for our living room curtains. Even though we had the money at the time, it was almost torture to hand over that money. Call me cheap, I don't care.

I constantly find things that I like, but I always think I could make that myself. But then where is the time for it? That is why my children do not have curtains to dress their windows. But one day I swear they will (haha).

I think I should first make Trent a quilt, so his room looks a little more put together. And he should have bedding that fits his bed (yes, the sheets do fit). Here are a few fabric combos I am liking (I am just wanting to so do a striped quilt). I know I could have found more and more bc I am not really positive what i am looking for as of yet. (All fabric was found on etsy.)

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