Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for Maintenance

Cleaning around here gets put off and delayed. And then when cleaning actually does get done, it is time for a good cleaning within a few hours following. It is so stressful and not to mention very annoying!! Because I think I have mentioned before that I HATE TO CLEAN!!

Well, my sister will be in town Thursday night for the weekend. So it is time to get out my real cleaning gloves, and make this house presentable. (She loves to clean-maybe I should leave it all for her. haha.)

I miss her soo much. She just finished school to be an RN. I am very proud of her for that accomplishment. We are a lot alike, and also have a lot of differences. But she is my best friend. And I think we share more similarities than not. I wish she would move here, I am in need of her companionship often. And a phone call never suffices.

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