Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have found myself feeling torn between two worlds. The world of "reality" and the world of art. I am desperately trying to maintain both, but that is not how my brain works freely. I need to concentrate on one or the other.
Luckily, this summer I get to engage in all the art I desire. That is all I will be doing (besides taking care of my family and school work). I can not wait. I am soo excited. It will be a lot easier to be inspired when I am engulfed with creativity. I will finally get this huge canvas painted. I will finally get these commissioned paintings finished. I will finally get to work on what I want. And that means being able to get a little more creative with my photography.
One of the classes I am taking this summer is digital photography (and another is business). I am so happy that I decided to do a double major and incorporate my art degree into my life.
There are soo many things I want to do for my future, but I suppose they will all happen with time.

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