Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 9/52

Wow!! Never a dull moment when you have little ones!
My oldest came into the living room today and told us that Emily was in the bathroom cutting her hair and putting on my makeup. We all ran in there to see the mess. It was so worse that I had expected.

At first glance i thought to myself, "Ok. This is fine. I can handle whatever she has done."
But then Brenna holds out a huge chunk of hair. And I go into panic mode. Of course I hold most of it inside. And then I saw it. A HUGE chunk out of her head. And a bald spot to top it all off.

I felt soo helpless. What in the world would I do with this?

I ran out of the bathroom about to cry and immediately called Anna (my hairdresser).
Luckily she was there at the salon (she never works on Saturdays).

I got dressed and cleaned all the mascara off Emily's face adn we rushed to the salon. We ended up leaving it. There wasn't much to do with a baldspot. So now we must wait it out. And try to cover it with hair accessories.

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