Wednesday, May 6, 2009

until death do us part

I can honestly say that I never thought Justin and I would divorce. I told myself I would not marry just because I was pregnant with a child he and I created. I wanted to be sure of this union. I did not want to divorce. I felt is was the easy way out.

I still feel like Justin and I will stay together forever. I still do not want to get a divorce. My parents divorced when I was 4. This did not impact me very much (neither negatively or positively). Both of my parents were remarried within a year of their parting, and I enjoyed my step parents very much. So, I do not think that couples should stay together soley for the children. Children need to see their parents happy and loving one another. I strongly believe that plays are large part of having an emotionally stable child (and later adult).

As far as divorce being the easy way out...I do take that back. Who am I to judge someone's reasoning for wanting to end a relationship? No one that is. And even though I do not agree that parents should stay married only because they have a child/ren, I do know that is a greater reason to work things out and sacrifice a short time of happiness to make sure that a divorce is the right thing for you.

OK! That was not supposed to turn into that.

Back to Justin and I. Our whole relationship has had obstacles. It has never really been the easy road. Obviously we are in love with eachother, otherwise this relationship/marriage would have already ended soon after it began. Yes, sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing here. But that doesn't last for very long.

Recently for some reason my love for Justin has been brightened again. I feel myself wanting to be close to him constantly. I want to make him happy. I can feel us becoming a unit. We are learning how the other thinks and letting things go a lot sooner.

I know that more arguments and disagreements are just around the corner, but until then I am going to bathe in this bliss of loving my husband and being utterly happy to be with him. I know we will get through whatever is thrown our way. We have already gotten through a lot.

Four years and counting...

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