Friday, May 22, 2009

Photos Galore...

I really need a new camera-well I guess I don't need one. I WANT one!!!

Unfortunately I will not be getting a better camera anytime soon. This being due to lack of funds. Maybe I will get money for my upcoming birthday that I can put towards one of these (doubtful though-but still hopeful)...

This is my current camera. It is sooo old!! We bought this little 4 mp baby right after Brenna was born. As you can see I obviously would want a new one-and in a way I do need it. ha.


I think this is the camera I would choose for me right now. I would want a more professional one later, because yes one of my many passions is photography. I love to take pictures. I love to look at art photographs. Whether I will be able to pursue anything is beyond me for the moment, but atleast I can have a good camera to take awesome pictures. To make art with. And to capture life, my life and the life around me.


This camera is (although sad to say) out of my league. Hopefully one day it won't be. But for now for several reasons it is. The price is ridiculous and I feel silly even putting it up on here. I wouldn't even know where to start using it. I would learn I know-but yeah. I will be reasonable.


I do not know much about this camera. I just saw a commercial for it and it seemed great. So here it is in my 'wishlist'.

On a brighter note. I will be getting some canvases this weekend! YAY!! So I will finally get to paint again. And I will be listing them on my etsy shop. Hey-maybe they will sell and I can get my camera-hehe.

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  1. i recommend the canon, it's a bit pricey but totally worth it! it was a gift for our one year wedding anniversary. way better than a small vacation!