Monday, June 1, 2009

Toys R Fun

This past weekend, Justin and I took the kids to ToysRUs. We did so to allow them to pick out any toy and we would purchase it for them. Well, we walked around the entire store. And not once did our little darlings ask or beg for anything. They loved soo many, but not once did they ask to bring it home witht them. They were absolutely fine with playing with them inside the store and then moving on to the next contraption.

We had reached the end. There were no more toys to play with. So we were leaving. The kids had not picked out any toys, and we felt we shouldn't urge them to do so. It owuld save us so money. ha. But how could we not reward these sweet little ones for being so well behaved. They deserved something. So, they got to pick out candy. That was way better than any old toy.

Except when we got to the checkout. Trent had become quite fond a hat Jusitn put on him during the exploration. And he was not willing to part with said hat. He looked very cute in it, so we asked the clerk how much did the little old hat cost? Couldn't be much, but we should make sure. WOW!! It was $20. There was no way. Sorry, call me cheap. But to pay that much for a hat for a 2 year old. A hat that doesn't even fit him. A hat that by the time we reached the car would have been forgotten about. way was that happening. So he put up

So, Trent put up a small fight. It ended once he was reminded of the candy he just picked out. ha. And so did our trip to the toy store. Much fun, and very short lived.


  1. haha, I know. I think you forget all about you even wanting anything bc you are so overwhelmed by all the fun and goodness.