Saturday, June 27, 2009

...behind these hazel eyes...

I never really understood you. And you have never really understood me. But that was fun for us. The mystery involved. It hurts sometimes. The feeling of having the one person that should know me, misinterpretting everything that I signal. Never getting me. You don't see me-you only see the outside. You don't even try to look deep and grasp all that I hold in behind these hazel eyes. Do you know they are hazel?

I didn't ask for all that has happened. I didn't know that the choices I was making would lead me here. But how can I say I wish I could go back. I'm not so sure I want to. We can only move forward. We can only think about the choices we make now. Life is short and love is simple. I think people make it complicated. But I am here. Asking you to dig and find who I am . Not the surface that clouds and clutters every little aspect of the person you think I am and hides the truth. Reach out and really search.

I am not that difficult when you really try. But don't think I am so easy either. because I'm not a shallow pool-I am a vast ocean. All you need is a little determination and heart. You will see me. I am waiting with my heart in your hands. Just keep it safe.

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