Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daddy, Dad, Father

This past weekend was Father's Day! YAY! for Daddy's!! I almost forgot, but luckily remembered while showering before church. haha.

Sunday my dad came up to have lunch with us. All the way up from Leesburg, Fl. He came just for a few hours and then went right back down to his life. It was really nice to see my dad. I haven't seen him a quite a while. But he took us out for lunch. And then we took the kids over to Toys R Us. haha. This time they got a couple things. A slip-n-slide and a swirly sprinkler to help on these awefully hot days.

Later that day, my cousin and his wife had their first born. A 20 inch long, 6.2 lb boy. He is so cute. (And mind you-I do not say that lightly-if I don't think, I simply do not say it.) He is going to be an awesome Daddy.

Speaking of awesome dad's, mine has always been pretty awesome. And I am married to the best. I love you, Justin!

Happy LATE Father's Day to all of you Dad's!!

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