Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Friends

I think when we are younger we don't really realize how much we lean on our friends. They are to be catalysts of comfort. Even when tears are more often brought on by these "friends" we will still continue to retreat to them. But as I have gotten older I have realized a lot more about my friends. I do not need them so much.

I only want to be surrounded by people who are uplifting to my spirits. Why should I befriend someone who will jump at any chance to devour me behind my back? I don't have to. Life will go on. A better life in fact. One that is encircled with good-hearted people. People that love me. Genuinely want me to succeed, and see all the good within me.

I often have trouble letting people in. This wall will protect me from the sneaky snakes of life. I am not completely closed off. But it will take me a while to open up and allow you to take part in my world. I don't have to let everyone inside. But I think I should be aware of the possiblities that await me.

As I am "finding myself" this is becoming more and more. I am becoming confident in my individuality again. Embracing all the quirks. So, here I sit. Waiting on life to grab me. With a smile across my face, because I know. I know that I can be me, and that is all I have to be.

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