Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Building it up

I haven't forgotten this blog, only been preoccupied with getting a few paintings finished to place on etsy. That and taking care of three little terrors. My house is a wreck. And I somehow do not feel overwhelmed by any of it. I think because I am doing what I love everyday. Painting relaxes me. I would rather be doing an original oil painting, but I needed to get some of the monogram canvases up so people could get an idea.

I do have a very special series of paintings coming soon. I am way excited about them too. I will start on the first this weekend. I abslutely can not wait to get them up in my shop!! Even if they do not sell, just to share the beauty with others will be awesome.

I really need my own space to paint. I need to be able to leave my oils out and have a place to concentrate and just work-with no small people running to me every 5 minutes. Maybe one day. maybe if this painting thing takes off.

I am thinking of going to school. I want to atleast take a couple of art classes, if I can not major in anything. I also may be renting a space in one of the stores downtown in my town. This will be great advertisement in itself. And at only $50 a month, how could I go wrong? I really need to get a few more paintings done before that though.

you can check out the progress of my etsy here