Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Photo Time

Brenna pretending to ride this stuffed horse. At toys r us.

Showing off his boots. haha. He wears these things everyday around the house. This mean mama will not let him wear them out-unless he has on pants (which hasn't happened lately because it's so hot).

Trent trying to put his boots back on.

This was taken today. I decided to start cloth diapering fulltime. I am tired of buying dispoasble diapers.

Emily loves this tent. We got it for Trent for Christmas last year. It's a transformer and he played with it for about the first week. Then it sat in his room collecting toys and being turned over to further satifaction. The plastic rods got bent from all the turning over and so I took them out and placed it in the corner of the living room, planning to take it to the garage. Well, little miss Emily loves to pull it out and climb inside. She isn't scared. And when you call her name, she will find the opening, peek her little head out, and smile with enjoyment.