Monday, June 15, 2009

Living Green?

I want to live as green as I am able to allow myself. I am trying to go little by little. Every little thing you can do do help matters. And actually there are several things you can change that will save you money. Here is a list of things that you can do:

- Recycle. Sure it takes time and you may have to drive to the recycling center, but while you are driving aroud you might be near it-so its not that much trouble. And if you don't want to go all the way-atleast recycle your plastic, paper and cans.

- Line dry your clothes. Imagine the money you will save on your electricity bill, not to mention saving energy!! We are putting up a clothes line in the next week or two. If you det it up in the shade your clothes won't get all stiff. Here's one and Here's another. There are other options-like drying racks and the umbrella style clothes line. So you can figure out what works best for you. The portable drying racks can be used indoors and out.

- Cloth diapers. Cloth is not what it used to be!! There are tons of different kinds to use: prefolds, fitteds, all in ones, and pockets. check out this etsy shop for a few aio's, fitteds, and wool covers. When I first started using cloth, Justin was so not into it. But we never really were completely cloth. And I haven't used them for a while now. But just recentlt I have been getting my stash up. And the past few days I have used only cloth-except at night I put a disposable on Emily. I still need to get a couple covers. I really like them. And the money I am saving in not having to buy disposables.

- Stop using disposables. Think of the landfills. I know it sounds weird, but if you think about it, it makes sense. I already don't buy paper towels, because it's a waste of money. Use cloth hand towels and dish rags. You already have them around and use them. Some people don't use toilet paper either. They use cloth wipes-I can not do this. There is also something called a menstrual cup. And cloth menstrual pads.

- Use reusable shopping bags. We have not started this as of yet. But I am going to this week. There are several options. chicobags, cheap bags from ikea , and lots more!

There are lots more!! I will update randomly about how things are going with my quest for a healthy and eco-conscious family.


  1. Have you been taking your recycling? It is behind the farmers market (plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, and newspaper only)

    I use a diva cup...have for almost 2 years and love it.

    I also havent bought paper towels in a year...what a waste.

    I think I do everything above except line drying. I hate hard towells lol.

    I know you will figure out who I am but if you say anything to anyone I will hurt you lol

  2. hahaha. I figured out who you were when you asked me if i had been taking my recycling. ha. So glad to know someone who uses a diva cup. I was talking to someone on ds about it. But I like to actually know the person. Email me about it. Bc I want to start using one.
    -I know-paper towels are a huge waste! And I am getting a clothes line this week or next. i have been drying my dipes outside. And figured I should do all my laundry. Save energy and money.

  3. I emailed you this morning, did you get it? Happy birthday to emily too cant believe she is 1!

  4. I didn't get it. thanks-i can't believe it either!!

  5. what is your email then I must have sent it to the wrong addy lol