Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun with Nothing but a Waterhose

The heat outside will melt almost anything. At an attempt to get the kids to play outdoors, they threw on their bathing suits and flips flops and were bound for the backyard. I in my tank top and jeans followed after. We waited until Emily napped. And then, the waterhose attacked.

Unfortunately, we can not afford a pool. We don't even have a kiddie pool. Maybe we should try to get one soon. As it is now, this summer is going to be scorching.

Well, the entertainment was me spraying the waterhose all around while Brenna and Trent ran around and screamed. It was fun! They loved it, it only lasted about ten minutes, because I was baking out there. But the kids were happy. Plus they ran off some of that energy that was not getting used for anything except whining.

After they took naps, we headed back out. Emily joined in this time. She pretty much just sat there in the grass. Pulling fistfuls of the stuff and sticking it to her face. Brenna ran around screaming and laughing. And Trent, oh Trent. He stayed inside crying about wanting a shirt because it was hot. My hands were full with baby, so I opted not to get him a new shirt (his other one he wore out earlier was wet). I tried with all my might to get him to come out with us. He just wouldn't without a shirt. This is why we waited until Emily was asleep last time. The girls had fun, and after about ten minutes we went back in and Trent was all smiles.

I decided they should take a bath since Emily was covered in grass. And well, Brenna and Trent could go ahead and get in and save me some time later. I think we will do this again tomorrow. But poor little Emily will have to nap it out. There is only room enough for one baby in the backyard water park.

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