Monday, June 22, 2009

Human Oven

This is what it is like outside. You know it's bad when your kids won't go outside for more than a few minutes. Today marked the first day of Summer. And everyday it has been in the 90's. I can not imagine the heat in a month. I have never liked the summer, but now I hate it even more. Being hot makes me feel dirty. Sweaty. And annoyed very easily (which doesn't say too much, because I am already pretty quick to get aggravated).

For this I have never liked living in the south. I want to live in nothern Ga. Where it isn't scorching and it doesn't snow much. Who knows if we will ever escape the grasps of Moutlrie. We have left twice before and always come back. But I must say in my defense, I was never the one wanting to return here.

Another thing got me thinking yesterday. The middle schools here suck!! I don't want my kids going to them!! If we never end up moving on, then I can say that we will try our hardest to put our children in better schools.

WOW!! Enough rambling.