Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stealing from the Moneyless

I checked my ebay account a little while ago, and saw that I had like $13 more in my ebay bucks. WHAT? HOW? Did justin buy something? I will kill him. Did they double my bubks, triple them?

So I opted to check the details of where all my bucks had come from. And much to my surprise I had purchased something for a whopping $688!! Now to some this may be a tiny amount. But for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, this is a very large amount!! Especially when that is more then your paycheck.

I thought maybe it was a glitch with their systems. So I thought I would check my paypal. Surely it hadn't come from there. But better safe than sorry. WELL..I WAS SORRY!! There it was right before my very own eyes. A payment for $688. I wanted to cry, while my heart nearly pounded from my chest. What to do? What to do?

In a panic I sent a message to the seller, telling them not to mail the package. I then realized I should file a claim with paypal. So I did that. And then I changed my password and security questions. I then called my bank, which was not very helpful, because the payment was pending. WELL STOP IT FROM PENDING!! But they couldn't.
SO I them called paypal. I just had to make sure I had done all that I could do. And I had.

Now all I can do is wait. Wait and hope I get my money back very soon. They say the longest it will take is 10 days, but it usually gets resolved in a couple.

For the time being, I am moneyless. And realizing I should periodically change my passwords. And I am still freaking out a little.

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