Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy (day after) Christmas

Well, Christmas was excellent. Of course! Our kids had an awesome amount of gifts to go along with all the great family fun. And even Justin and I got a few presents this year. I wasn't expecting anything. We did not, however, buy for eachother this year. But that is not the meaning of Christmas, or the importance.

Justin was freaked out that the kids didn't have enough for Christmas gifts. But I thought they had more than enough. I won out, and he realized they indeed had A LOT. I do not think you should bankrupt yourself in order to buy presents for your children (or anyone for that matter).

I want my children to appreciate the gifts they receive, and overly excessive gifting will ensure they expect a lot all the time. And with that expectation comes unapprecaition and entitlement. I want my childrent to be thankful. To know that there are some children that do not get presents. I want my children to be giving and gracious. And I do believe that they are so far. I might need to remind them to say thank you, but that is to be expected with children of their ages.

I am so blessed. I thank God every night for my three little blessings.

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