Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kids Decor-Part One

There are several things I am wanting right now. Not just for myself, but for my home and dog, and more.

First of all, I am wanting to decorate Brenna and Trent's bedroom. Since we live in a 3 bedroom, they share a room. Emily has the smallest room. And Brenna and Trent have the largest room (honestly, their room is huge-it is bigger than mine and Justin's room). Currently they have a bunkbed with a built-in desk. I hate this thing. I can't make Brenna's bed. And can barely make Trent's. It feels so awkward also. So we are going to get them twin beds when able.

I definitely want this bedding for Brenna. And I think this bed is very classic, and is gender neutral, so it would be great for both Brenna and Trent.

I love this iron bed. But I am not sure what I would rather do. Especially since I would like for them to have the same bed while they share a room.

I just thought this was so cute. If Trent had his own room, this is how I would love to decorate it.

And Brenna would love this. It would be cute for Emily also.

All of this can be found at The Land of Nod. They have so many great things for kids decor. I could look around there forever. And it gives great inspiration.

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