Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keeping Me Company

This is our first week in our new home, and Justin is working out of town. It sucks! Having him gone is no fun. And on top of that I am a big baby about staying by myself. I have actually done really well though. If I allow mylsef-I can come up with about a hundred reasons why I should be scared. But I have been keeping my mind off of thinking about "bad things".

I do miss Justin terribly. I didn't realize I would miss him this much. But I do! And I can't wait until he gets back home with us Thursday. It is going to be great when he finds work around here.

Lastnight Trent kept me company. Tonight Emily has been by my side. (Trent fell asleep early.)I am trying to enjoy these moments with them. I know that soon they will be far and few.

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