Friday, January 21, 2011

1/52: Self Portrait

I am doing a project 52 with a group of photographers from The Bloom Forum. Each week we will have a different theme. I am so excited about this project (along with the other 2 I am doing). This is our first week and the theme was Self Portrait.

I had a few things in my mind for how I wanted to approach this week's project. BUT Justin took the camera with him to Tallahassee. He was supposed to be back today, but now isn't coming home until Tuesday. SOO I had to improvise. I charged the battery on our 6 year old Kodak Easyshare. And then snapped away. The last image was the one I liked best. I took it in front our dining room window. Great afternoon window light.

I will be posting some of these here. But all of them will be posted over at the Hill Art & Photography blog.That is our temporary blog for now. We will be working with Breeze from Trust the Air on a custom blogsite in a week or two. SOOO excited about that!

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