Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4/52

This week while working on schoolwork the kids were all playing as usual. I started watching them. And Emily was wearing high heel. Trent was wearing Brenna's old Georgia boots with fake spurs. And Brenna was wearing tap shoes.

The high heels are my younger sisters. She left them behind when she moved north. So I borrowed them for the girls to play with.

The Georgia boots were Brenna's. But she has outgrown them. Trent LOVES them! He wears them almost everyday. They are too big, but he doesn't care. And for Christmas he got a sheriff playset, that include some plastic spurs. So cute!!

The tap shoes are from a friend's daughter. Brenna has never been in tap or ballet. She wears these tap shoes everyday. She loves the clanking sound they make on the floors. (I remember loving that about high heels when I was little--but now I hate the sound. haha.)

These are things I want to remember. I want to remember the laughter and the pretend play. The little things they thought were cool.

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