Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 People 12 Times: January

No plans were made. No reservations were set. We just packed our bags and loaded up in the Expedition for a weekend family getaway to Savannah, GA.

Tuesday we thought about just maybe taking a trip to the good old city of Savannah. A place where we have been wanting to visit. And the place where we said we would move once I finish school (in a bout 2 years). When Friday rolled around, we got up and got ready, packed out bags, and headed northeast.

When we got there we had to find a hotel with vacancies--and we did downtown. Justin paid the extra few bucks for valet parking--which was well worth it! Will definitely always stay where they offer valet! This was soo convenient not having to worry about finding a parking space, and having the car brought to the front if we wanted to drive somewhere. It was weird that they had to carry our bags to our room for us though! Not something we are used to. We are people that do things on our own. And I felt so strange having someone do something for me that I am perfectly capable of doing myself.

Our first night was difficult. Trent cried for a long while about wanting to go home. The next morning the kids were all up well before 7am! And ready to go. I was super exhausted (especially from driving 4.5 hours the day before).

We had such an amazing trip. And while it would have been a ton easier if the kids wouldn't have gone, we would have missed them terribly! And I don't think I could be that far away from them and for that long. Maybe when they are a little older.

Justin says he definitely wants to move to Savannah now. I would like to visit a few more times first. I did love it! But I want to make sure that it's somewhere that I would love to live and not just visit often.

Sunday morning we took out first 5 people 12 times photo. It's not perfect, but I love it. Trent's sleepy eyes with blanky in hand, Emily is actually smiling, and Brenna always ready for a picture. This is our little family. We are truly blessed!

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