Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 5/52

Taking naps is something I hated as a child, but in highschool--I grew very fond of them. I still enjoy a nap every once in a while, but even more so I enjoy it when my children nap.
Unfortunately they are getting to the ages where naps are no longer important. Emily and Trent will still become sleepy in the early afternoon, but if they take a nap they stay up very late. So I have decided not to make naptime important around ehre anymore. If they do fall asleep though-I do not wake them. :)

Even though Emily should probably still be taking naps, it is easier for everyone if they are not enforced. She doesn't get whiny at the end of the day like Trent always has. But she will often fall asleep on the way to pick Brenna up from school. When this happens she almost always stays asleep when I bring her inside.

Yesterday she fell asleep on the way to get Brenna and like always I brought her to her bed to finish off her nap. And lastnight she was up very late!

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