Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 6/52

My kids hardly ever sleep in their beds these days. With Justin working out of town we will all just pile up in the living room. On the weekends when Justin is home I have them go to their beds (except for Trent-he wants to sleep with Brenna-or us). I feel bad for him because his room is at the very back of the house. So I let him sleep wherever as long as he isn't playing.

I decided to show them all on the couch. This is how they start out usually, but I often have to split them up and move 2 of them to the recliners. I love how much they love eachother. It's so sweet.

Brenna thought they should act as though they were sleeping, so I went with it. She closed her eyes and Emily rolled over and stared at her and started rubbing her arm. It was soo sweet. To be so mean, she is such a lover.

(He is not really sleeping)But this is EXACTLY what he looks like when he is. Thumb in mouth and blanket in hand.

These were their favorites for the night. Brenna is really the only one that switches hers up. Emily loves her Jesse doll and Trent loves his Woody doll.

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