Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family Vacations

I know lot of people that are able to just drop about $1000 or more on a weekend trip somewhere several times a year, but we are not one of them.
Never have been. EVER. But this year we filed taxes early and when we got our return we decided we should go somewhere. Take a family vacation. Enjoy life.

We went to Savannah, GA. And it was soo great!! The only things we will do differently next time is: bring a babysitter-so Justin and I can go out on our own; and stay longer-2 days and 2 nights was NOT long enough at all.

We got there around 7pm-I think. And we hadn't booked a room anywhere so we had to find a vacancy. We found one at the second hotel we stopped at-so that was pretty easy. That night we ordered pizza from a local place and had it delivered to our room. I must say that it was amazing pizza-BUT I do not advice ordering pizza like that when you are in a hotel room with 3 little children. It was kinda difficult to eat-and messy. The kids ate on the bed. And Emily got some pizza on the bedspread. Ugh!!

The next morning we got up and got ready to go explore. The kids were up way early! We walked over to River Street--and it was so cool. We took the camera-or course. But bc our other lens broke we only had a telephoto lens-which made it difficult to capture the images we wanted. So I said we had to find a camera place and go ahead and buy a new body and lens. We did! :)
We also went to Target and spent way too much money on a lot of clothes (and Emily a Jesse doll). haha.
The plan had been to go back to River Street. But honestly we were all soo tired from the shopping we went back to the hotel room. For dinner we got ready adn walked down to Five Guys.
We fell in love with Five Guys while living in FL. It is the bext burger place we have ever encountered! I definitely suggest trying them out if you are near one. Homemade fries!!

Savannah is soo beautiful--and at night it takes on a whole new feel. But I don't really think that downtown Savannah is a place for small children at night. Especially not River Street (we were there in the morning before the shops opened-but there are a good bit of bars and even puke on the sidewalk fromt he night before). We would have loved to hang out more downtown and go to River Street during the evening, but not with the kids. So after we ate to the hotel room we went.

Sunday was our last day there. I took the kids to eat breakfast, while Justin checked us out.

Then we all headed to Tybee Island. Our last day was probably the most productive. haha. We had so much fun! We can't wait to go back!

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