Monday, November 1, 2010

Loaded Weekend (for us)

So this weekend was overflowed. The kids had a lot of fun, which always makes us have more fun.
Friday night we prepared ourselves for the next 2 fun-packed days. I cleaned the apartment (except for Trent's room and my bedroom).
Saturday morning we slowly crept out of bed and reluctantly got ready for the day. Or maybe it was just myself. The were all in costumes, and i brought a change of clothes for all three (I knew it would get hot). We finally made it out and headed downtown to the festivities. Um...can I just say it was not all that great! But the kids really enjoyed it, and that's all that matters. Right?
We came home with lunch and ate. The kids were supposed to take a nap, but that did not happen (I was very disappointed-but I wanted to go to sleep). Later that afternoon-we got cotumes on again. Although, this time Brenna had no wig and wore leggings instead of her tights. Trent had a short-sleeved shirt on. And Emily had a short-sleeved leotard on. It had cooled off from the noon sun, but I wanted them to be comfortable. We made it to publix just in time. They made their way around the entire store, stopping to hold out their buckets at every department. Then we headed to a church. A church that I went to when I lived here a million years ago. That has trunk-o-treat. And then we walked over to the jump houses. Um...yeah. That was a no way! A million kids crammed in there, while no adults supervised. I think not! The kids got their faces painted instead (we spent about 20 minutes standing in line). Then we came back home.

Somewhere in that night we got movies. I am pretty sure it was at the end-after the face painting. Yeah, it was. Because I remember Emily was asleep when we got to Blockbuster, and I carried her around the store. Then when we got home, of course she was wide open. And didn't go back to sleep until about midnight. Think it was all the sugar?

Sunday I had good intentions. But they didn't pan out like I hoped. We went to Publix (again), but this time it was for groceries. When we got home we made lunch and then the kids were sent to their beds. I was determined a nap would happen (atleast for them). Emily finally knocked out a few hours later around 5. I figured it would be ok because I'd wake her at 6 to go to a fall festival. Well, about 5:30 I laid down in Brenna's bed, and didn't wake until 7:30. So we missed the festival, and I was afraid it might be too late to go trick-or-treating since we would still have to get ready.

I felt bad for the kids, who acted like they were too tired to even care. So all was well. And the house is back in complete disaster mode again. I will be busy today for sure.

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