Friday, November 12, 2010

Images I am Thankful For

The older we get the faster it seems life passes us by. I remember being in elementary school and thinking I'd never get through to the next year. But now every year feels like it goes by faster than the previous. This makes me want to hold onto memories even more. And for me the best way is with photographs.

I started out loving photography for it's artistic aspects. I still do, but it has evolved into something more. I want to capture moments. I want my photos to tell a story. I want them to raise memories from the dead. And while we can't literally stop time-a photograph seems to allow us to in a sense.

I wanted to share some images that make me smile and will for years and years to come. When my children are grown I want to have many memories--and for when my mind fails me I will have photographs to bring them back to the surface.

These (obviously) are just a few. It was very difficult to choose. I have soo many that bring back memories.

These 3 are of Emily playing. I was sitting at the computer and she would come up to me needing the lipgloss opened, wanting to wear Brenna's bra, and wanting to take my picture.

We recently found out my dad has cancer. And this was taken at my niece's first bday party. When my dad got there he wanted hugs. Trent is quite shy, but daddy pulled him in and loved him. I quickly took a picture. This melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

When we first got Lola. She was free. And she was the cutest and most cuddly little ball of fur.

I took the kids outside to play and thought I'd snap some photos. I wanted to get atleast one of all three of them looking and smiling. haha. Brenna had the idea of looking sad. So she told them to all make a sad face. As you can see she is the only one that did it. But it was soo funny. As soon as she said that I started laughing.

On the same day we went out to run around--Trent had his great idea of putting sticks between his fingers to be wolverine (fromthe X-Men). This is so Trent!

Brenna at my dad's. My stepmom has a home daycare-so they have lots of toys and playhouses in a fenced in area of their yard. The kids loved it. They hadn't really met my dad and stepmom much before. But they took right to them.

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