Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I should be studying....

BUT my mind won't concentrate on all these A&P terms. AAHHHHH!!! I have a test tonight. darn you procrastination!!

Studying has never been a strong suit of mine. Probably because I have never had to study. Never! For real. And yes i did very well in school. But I guess after three children this ADD is really kicking in--and kicking my butt. I have always had a rough time concentrating when reading something I found to be boring, but I was able to force my mind into liking it for a little while. Now--oh, now it is different story. I have MANY distractions. And I can't tune any of them out.

SO you see...this is why I am on my blog instead of reading about the nervous systems and muscles. Yes! I waited until the last minute. Yes! I feel terrible about that. And I always have every intention of doign things the "right" way. But my ADD gets the best of me. (--Just so you all do know--I DO NOT KNOW IF I IN FACT DO HAVE ADD!!!)

I guess I should get back to these quizzes before Emily wakes up.

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