Monday, January 11, 2010

Without Notice

This evening Trent complained of his stomach hurting. Didn't think too much about it. He didn't complain much either, and then hopped up in Justin's lap. In almost no time Trent was asleep. This is not normal. Trent is such a night owl. But I thought maybe he was tired?

A couple hours later, just a few minutes ago, Justin went to our room-where Trent was laying, and yelled to me to come help. Trent had thrown up. Poor little baby boy. He thought he had peed on himself. I ran a bath, while Justin undressed him. While I bathed our little boy, Justin cleaned it up and changed the sheets.

He now feels better. And is laying on the couch watching tv, drinking the apple juice Justin made him.

And here I sit, trying to occupy myself with my school work, but not doing a very good job of it. Thinking how wonderful it is to have a great husband.

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