Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Brings New Beginnings

I have always made New Year resolutions. But this year I decided not to. Mostly because I rarely follow through with them. I am just going to concentrate on the important things in my life and make the best of everything. Live. And that is all I can do. I just want to continue being happy.

While I am not making proclaimed resolutions, I have decided to do several things. Not because of a new year, but just because I want to. It wouldn't matter what time of year, or what year.

I have started getting Emily used to the toilet, and she knows when she does go potty on herself. She has not gone on the toilet as of yet, but I haven't really fully been in potty training mode. It's a bit much with training the puppy too.

I have been working out for about 3 weeks. And making a conscious effort about what food I put into my body. I am not anywhere I want to be as far as my health, but I know I am getting there. It is going to feel amazing. I already feel so much better regularly exercising and trying to eat healthier.

I will continue with my double major, in art and early childhood education. I have mapped it out and should be ready to transfer in a year. I also have plans to do more in my art. I have been feeling inspired.

I used to plan my future out, but have realized, three kids later, that there is really not much point in mapping it all out. I do want to move when I finish school, but we will see where life takes us. We might end up living in this narrow town forever. I surely hope not though. haha.

I know I need to enjoy my kids more. I need to document more from these years.

I took these photos in our yard the other night. It was freezing out, but I got some shots of the beautiful trees we have.

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