Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stuffable Nose

Our sweet little Emily is going through a phase where she wants to jam everything up her nose. I have used the *** to remove poptart a couple of times. And usually about once a day I remove threading from her bobby pillow we keep in her bed. That is a little trickier. I have to use the tweezers sometimes. haha. Brenna and Trent never did this.

If you look closely you can see the thread in her right nostril-all packed in there.

This darling girl also likes to steal food from anywhere she can get it. Poor Trent gets his juice and food stolen all the time. If you lay it down, or leave it too close to the edge of the table--Emily is going to snatch it up in a heartbeat. And she knows when she has takens Trent's she better run. it is so hilarious, she will grab his poptart or capri-sun when he isn't looking and then take off with a big smile across her face.

It is almost impossible to sneek into her room when she is asleep. Almost everytime, as soon as you open the door, she will quickly pop up-blanket in hand-arms reached out-and eyes closed. haha.

This is a rare instance where I was actually able to make it in her room while she was sleeping without her waking. I snapped one shot of her with the camera and she woke.

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