Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brenna Ryan Hill

This is the girl, who stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. I never understood how this love I had for Brenna could ever be split up among other children. How would I ever love another the way I love her? But alas, I do. My other two sweets.

Brenna was born August 2, 2004. She was born at 39 weeks, with a scheduled c-section. The reason for the surgery was how large this child was. The doctor thought she'd more than likely get stuck while having a "normal" birth. Which, he still left the decision in my hands, but I opted for a c-section. I was not allowing them to break any of my child's bones to remove her from my pelvis. She was 10 lbs 2 oz and 21.75 inches long.

When I saw her, I was overwhelmed with love. It poured from my soul. Through tears. She was the most beautiful sight I had ever witnessed. I felt like once she was in my arms, I was completed. Here was this piece of the puzzle. They had found it. And put me back together. I was fulfilled.

Every year, as Brenna grew older, it was exciting. Exciting to see new adventures of learning different things. Right before she turned one, she started walking. Shortly after turning one, we began potty training. She was a pro. It took her about 2-3 days to catch on. And not too much longer to be without diapers during the days. At 2 she knew how to count, her colors, shapes. Then, Brenna became a big sister.

What a perfect child to have a sibling. She took to trent like he was her own.

Here lately, as the years fly by, I am no longer excited for new things to come her way. I am saddened my the thoughts of growing up. Of her walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. And I know these should be happy things. But my little girl will no longer be my little girl. She will be a teenager. And what does that mean?

I guess it is hitting me now, because I can see the change in her. I can see how older she is getting. Her personality is changing. She still loves to be hugged and kissed, and give hugs and kisses. I dread the day, she shrugs from my hug. I hope she never does.

My love for this child has never faded. With each child added to our family, my love for her only grew. I love you, Brenna. More than I could ever express. You will always be a part of me.

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