Friday, November 27, 2009

Heading Out

Today I am leaving for a tiny roadtrip to see my sister, Ashley, and her little family. Just me and the kids-and my other sister, Chelsey and her boyfriend, Jerry. I am soo excited. But I still haven't packed. I am getting in the shower and then packing as soon as I finish this post. ha.

Yesterday was great! For some reason it felt like my rather large extended family was like it used to be. In the days when my Papa was here. We were all soo close, and yesterday everything felt real. It was nice. I can't wait for Christmas. I love that we all get together during the holidays like that. I always have.

And this year, when we took family photos like normal, I had my camera ready. Does that mean I am growing up? Oh, no.

When we got a shot of "all the kids"-it was weird to see us all grown up and with children of our own. And some of us married, or on the verge. (there were several people not there for one reason or the other-maybe one day we will get a photo with us all).

We made it to see the lights turn on this year. Barely though. ha. We got there 5 minutes before they turned them on. It was soo cool-to see a ton of the community gather to watch streams of lights being turned on for the first time this year. We didn't stay downtown for very long, because it was colder than I had anticipated. The kids had jackets, but Emily needed more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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