Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life with a Toddler

Cleaning up messes like this has become part of my daily routine, and I very much daydream of days when I no longer have to worry with this sort of headache. Do you even know how uneasy it is to clean up spaghetti?

Brenna was such an easy child, and still is. I never really grasped the idea of a hyper and extremely free-willed toddler, until now. Trent was very "go with the flow". But Emily is a totally different story. She colored all over herself with a green marker one night. And I didn't even know until she came to me to "go potty", because she was supposed to be in bed. And just because it is washable, does not mean it comes off easily.

I often fail to come up with ways of parenting her. I have no clue how to reach inside and get her to listen. And I find myself wishing her toddler years away. But then I remember she has moments of sweetness and tenderness. And I sometimes have to remind myself she will only be little once, and I have to endure the bad and ejoy the good.

And she is my last child. No more babies for us. Although I secretly wish for just one more (another boy).

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