Monday, October 11, 2010

Just like Daddy

I know I have neglected this blog for some time now--But in my defense I have been moving, without the internet (still am), and taking on life.

I am realizing one thing--that my children's annoying habit of aggravating eachother might just be hereditary. YES! I think it is a predisposition that may not be helped. Or it may just be learned from their father. Either way, I think the culprit is their daddy.

Now Brenna doesn't care to annoy others. But Trent and Emily find some (actually lots of) joy in other's misery. Mainly Emily does things to aggravate Trent, while Trent does things to aggravate Brenna (maybe this is just a younger to older sibling rivalry we are dealing with here).

Lastight Emily was laying beside Justin on the couch (while watching a movie). This is something that happens almost never. She rarely wants to have anything to do with him. So of course he was loving it. But then (and he knows how moody she can get) he starts picking at her. I mean, come on! She was sitting so quiet and content, but he couldn't resist apparently. I even warned him, but he proceeded anyway. And once was not enough-he continued until she had enough and moved away.

Then I started thinking--Trent and Emily both aggravate their older siblings like their happiness depends on it. And maybe it is something that Justin has given them, whether biologically or through example. Whatever the reason--I think I am giving up on trying to stop it all the time. (Although, if you have ever heard Trent's whine you might see why I hate for Emily to annoy him. And I feel sorry for Brenna when she gets it from Trent, because I remember being just like her when I was little and my younger sister constantly did things just to get o my nerves--I guess it's an attention thing.)

--And by the way, we all get it from Justin. haha.

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