Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Organized

I finally wrote down all of my assignmetns in my planner for all of my classes. I even wrote down when I need to read chapters. I have to get it organized or I am going to keep being late on assignments. I missed my Math test that was Oct. 1st. I would not have even known had I not looked in my folder, where I had written down the dates things were due in that class. I sent my teacher an email, asking if there was a make-up. Hopefully, there is something I can do to bring that zero up. That really sucks. I hope I don't lose my HOPE scholarship for next semester.

I have been going through clothes too-and cleaning otu the garage. We had a yard sale this past weekend, and will be having another one next month. The town I live in has a community-wide yard sale downtown twice a year. This will be my third time participating. We make pretty good everytime. I am looking forward to making some spending money, and clearing out a lot of stuff.

I have been selling a lot on ebay recently too. I need to put some more items up. All that money is going towards purchases of clothing for the kids on ebay. It is great, but I hate having to ship everything. Well, I am off to post a Twilight painting for sale on etsy, maybe I will make some more money.

I can't wait until we are finished with school, then we will have extra money.

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