Friday, October 2, 2009

Blurry Vision

As i was walking down the walking trail, pushing the double stroller at 8 am this morning, I slid my glasses off my face to adjust them. Lately they are always getting crooked, which I had decided to get new ones as soon as funds would accomodate. I attempted to twist them like I normally do and all of a sudden "SNAP!!". OMG!! I now had two pieces in my hands. I had cracked my eyewear right down the center. I couldn't believe it. How was I going to walk with these eyes? And most importantly-how was I going to drive back home with blurry vision?

I proceeded to walk my mile. I mean, I was already walking and there was no need to cut it short just because I couldn't see good. Right? When I got to the car, I started to take trent from the stroller first. And I saw he didn't have Brobee and Foofa anymore (Yo Gabba Gabba characters). Another OMG! Now I had to walk back down the trail and attempt to find his plush toys when I could hardly see. Luckily someone had found them and told me where to look. I ended up walking another mile.

I now am wearing my glasses with tape in the middle. White tape. I look very funny. I feel crazy. ha. So, now I have made an eye exam appointment for 1pm. And who knows if I will get my glasses today. Hopefully so though. I might try to see if I can superglue them for the time being. Maybe they will last another week. Bc I really can't afford to get an exam and new glasses his week.

You never know what life is going to throw your way.


  1. gosh gavin broke megs glasses a couple years ago, he snatched em off her face...she was soooo mad. Mama took her to walmart and they got 2 pairs of frames and the exam for like $200 maybe try there? Her normal place is the one by belk and they are more expensive but her ins only covers an exam and new frames every 2 years and she had already used it so that is why they went bargain shopping :)

  2. Yeah. I used to go to the one by Belks-but this time I went to walmart. the exam was only $50. But my glasses were $225 (lenses plus frames). They had a special thin 2 pairs for $98. But they didn't have anymore of those glasses. I got new glasses-although it cost me some of my rent. ha.